About Us

Who we are

Tropical Adventures is a volunteer service organization based in Costa Rica. We design unique, affordable, fully-customized volunteer and voluntour experiences. We work with individuals, families, and groups who want to make a positive impact while experiencing a world different from their own.

We are the only volunteer service organization in Costa Rica that offers flexible and tailored volunteer vacations at extremely affordable prices. For us, volunteers are not just a number and local communities are not simply hosts. We provide our volunteers with personalized attention, taking into account their preferences throughout their planning and traveling experience.  We act in partnership, assessing community needs and matching volunteers with projects where their skills and experience will be most beneficial.

Since 2005, Tropical Adventures has been designing volunteer and voluntour experiences with a focus on conservation, sustainability, and community development projects. We combine our years of experience serving visitors like you with our local knowledge of Costa Rica, to create a life-changing experience that accommodates all travel timelines, budgets, and interests.

Because we live, work, and play in Costa Rica, we have had the opportunity to build strong relationships with local non-profits and develop our own projects that are in real need of helping hands.  We offer an unforgettable experience, working side-by-side with local people interested in collaboration and cultural exchange.

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Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that by helping individuals explore the world through volunteering, they have the opportunity to recognize their own gifts and talents. Through the collaboration between our staff, our volunteers, and our fellow community members here in Costa Rica, we empower people to be positive change agents – in their personal lives, their local communities, and beyond.

Deeply integrated in who we are and what we do is our commitment to cross-cultural understanding, education, conservation, wildlife, and community development.

Being based in the country with the densest biodiversity on the planet, it is only natural that much of what we do is directly related to our environment. Our founder, spiritual psychologist Scott Pralinsky, opened the doors of Tropical Adventures with the belief that by helping visitors connect to nature and distance themselves from the complexities of modern life, they would learn to become more aware, appreciative, and centered.  And it is our hope that these people return home or resume their travels, taking with them what they have learned and sharing it with their families, communities, and those they meet along the way.

We invite you to join us on a mind and heart opening journey of self-discovery in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Come, lend a hand! And you’ll find you will receive much more than you have given.

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