What makes us different

While we know there are worthwhile volunteer projects and communities in need around the globe, the not-for-profit Tropical Adventures Foundation operates exclusively in Central America, and specializes in matching volunteers with service opportunities in areas that are in need of real support. This also includes those projects which we have created and operate ourselves. We aren't just a clearinghouse for other people's projects. This should be a very important point for any volunteer to consider when choosing an organization. 

Most other organizations herd people around in large groups on buses and the participants end up spending much more time with other foreigners than with locals. Tropical Adventures provides highly customized, personal itineraries to provide a unique and rich experience for all our participants.

We have worked hard to cultivate strong relationships with local service organizations, government agencies, host families, national citizens, and international foundations. Among our goals is our strong desire to ensure the smoothest and richest volunteer experience for our program participants, while avoiding negative impact on these communities in need.

A recent example would be the work we have done in the indigenous community of Bambu. In partnership with Children, Inc., we obtained two grants to help local citizens create an organic farmer's market. Instead of just continuing to donate food and supplies, we looked at ways we could help them come up with more permanent solutions. We then hired local residents to handle the construction, hired experienced local professionals to provide training seminars, and we donated money to each and every person who needed help getting started. This is just part of what we do in our ongoing efforts to support our local communities and organizations. 

In addition, Tropical Adventures’ program founder, Scott Pralinsky Bennett, plays an active role in each part of the foundation's activities. We are not just trying to fill slots and provide "fluffy" volunteer tasks. Our committed staff is eager to help you customize a volunteer project and a whole travel experience that suits your personality and interests.

Our entire  team shares an unbridled enthusiasm for Costa Rica, as well as the other areas of Central America that we serve, and we will go to any lengths to ensure that you get the most out of your tropical adventure in this beautiful region of the world.

We hope you'll join us!