Life on the Farm

Cimg2697Just when it looked like the purchase of the farm was going to be impossible after nearly three months of negotiation and effort, the seller came through! Then things moved very quickly. We were in our new home less than a week later.

But oh what work it is! It wasn’t until we moved in that we started to realize the things that had to be done right away. There is a leak in the roof, fences are in need of repair, there is a problem with the water and electricity!

Thankfully, none of that is unbearable. We are so in love with the new place that it’s impossible to get us down.

Some funny things have happened though. One of them was our need to chase out the neighbor’s cows from our property. We live on eight acres, so it takes a while to get down in the back part of the property. While we were out chasing these cows (and trying not to get attacked by them), it started to pour. And I mean torrential rain.

It was nearly impossible for us to get back up to the house as the path is very steep and muddy. There was a river of water running down the path and there were no places to get a firm foothold. We were laughing so hard trying to watch each other navigate the path, that we almost peed our pants! Then when we got to the house we realized that all the windows had been left open and we had water all over the place!

Truly, we are exhausted trying to unpack and coordinate the repair of everything. We had been hoping to have a celebration BBQ this weekend, but we think it’ll have to wait. I hope to post some pictures soon, but I left my camera in San Francisco.

Well, back to work on the farm!

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  1. Bryan Reply
    Hola como esta mi gringo favorito. Me uno a las felicitaciones de su nueva vida en la finca , las fotos y las historias estan preciosas.

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