Costa Rica Calling?

TreeReady to make the jump to Costa Rica? The country’s a lot more than a pretty face — it’s one of the most economically and politically stable nations in the region. Costa Rica abolished its army in 1948 and outlawed capital punishment half a century earlier. It has near-universal health care and has set aside more than 25% of its land in parks and reserves.

Intrigued? Consider attending a relocation seminar in San Francisco. An in-person experience with a noted expert (Erin Van Rheenen, author of Living Abroad in Costa Rica) takes you further than any book or web site can towards realizing your dream. The seminar gives up-to-the-minute information unavailable in guidebooks. Erin will be in San Francisco for two sessions only.

San Francisco, California

October 14, 2006, (Saturday) 1 – 5 pm
January 20, 2007, (Saturday) 1 – 5 pm

$75/per person
$120/for two people
(price includes one signed
copy of the author’s book)

Sign up or get more information by clicking here.

Topics covered

Real Estate, Immigration, Medical Care, Doing Business in Costa Rica, Medical Care, Relocation Do’s and Don’ts, Different Parts of the Country, Expat Life, Why Costa Rica?

Can’t attend the seminar but are interested in a phone consultation?  Click here.

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    That sounds like a seminar I should attend.

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