Ricardo Osorno Fallas,
Project Coordinator, explains what’s so special about his
native Guanacaste…

“When people
think of the Guancaste region, sun, sea and sand are often the only
things that come to mind. But for me, it’s more that just
beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets; it’s the land where my
grandparents and parents grew up, and where my children will grow up
as well.

This region offers visitors an intimate glimpse of Costa Rican
life. Not only do we have incredible beaches here, but we also have
beautiful plains and mountains, in winter emerald green, in summer an
intense yellow and brown colour; not only does it have a fantastic
climate and delicious food, but it’s home to some of the most
friendly people you’ll ever meet, whose warmth and kindness
extends to everyone who comes here.

“These are the
some of the reasons why Tropical Adventures decided to bring
volunteers to this incredible and diverse region in Costa Rica’s
Pacific Northwest. If you or someone you know is looking to enjoy
Costa Rica’s natural beauty and discover our culture and
customs, my community is ready to welcome you!”

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