Help Received for the Alto Katsi Community

Last week we published the story of Alto Katsi,
where we described the school and the kids’ health conditions. Just one day
later, the Saint Patrick School in Chesterton, Indiana, USA was already willing
to help us out with this humanitarian cause. 

Sain patrick schoolSaint Patrick Church

They’re always open to helping us and to coming
forward when is time to make a difference in the rural communities where we
work in Costa Rica.


Kathi Mudd is a currently a teacher aide at the
Saint Patrick School. She came down to Costa Rica with her family to volunteer
with Tropical Adventures twice. The first time they worked in the Bambu
Indigenous Community and the Puerto Viejo beach area and the second time, they
volunteered at our wildlife rescue center.

MAC 408
MAC 396

Niño camisa

Read Kathi's testimonial here


During our last holiday campaign in 2008, Kathi
introduced the idea of our Christmas Parties to her principal, Ruth McCullough,
who became excited about the idea and encouraged all the students at the school
to collaborate in collecting endless toys, gift bags, new school backpacks and
all the necessary school supplies for all the 6th graders at the
Bratsi School in Bambu. Their campaign was incredible and, thanks to their
beautiful gesture, we provided joy to more than 250 kids in the indigenous area,
where the kids were very grateful and enjoyed an amazing day.

Bambu Christmas Party 297 (1280x823)
Bambu Christmas Party 432 (1280x853)
Bambu Christmas Party 529 (1280x953)

Bribri Fiesta 098 (250x121)

Bribri Fiesta 090 (1204x1280)
Bribri Fiesta 119 (966x1280)
Bribri Fiesta 175 (1280x1196)

Bribri Fiesta 141 (1211x1280)

See Bambu Christmas Party Pictures here

Simple ideas can make a big difference in
another part of the world. At the Saint Patrick School, students can choose to
wear jeans once a month instead of the daily school uniform. If they want to wear
jeans they have to pay the amount of $1 USD. This money goes towards different
school projects. In this case, the school has chosen to use the money that will
be raised on March 16th to help out the Alto Katsi community.
Tropical Adventures’ idea is to buy the injections and pills necessary to treat
the flesh-eating worm called “papalomoyo.” We also hope to deliver enough school
supplies for all 22 kids and to finally get some money to help rebuild the
precarious school.

Alto Katsi 040 (800x557) Alto Katsi 041 (800x706)

Alto Katsi 180 (800x533) 

Alto Katsi 126 (800x495) 

Alto Katsi 197 (800x598)
Alto Katsi 200 (800x646)
Alto Katsi 202 (800x750)



Like we mentioned in our last blog entry, Nidia Bonilla, in
Costa Rica, has already raised the amount of $800 to put towards the school.

We want to express our gratitude to the Saint
Patrick School for always being so open to help us make a difference in these
small communities. Our appreciation is endless and we have no words to describe
how much it means for us to have people like them on our side.

Besides the Saint Patrick School, several
Tropical Adventures’ friends have offered to help with clothes, food packages,
medicines, rubber boots and school supplies.

 We just
can’t say thank you enough for helping us to bring joy to the Alto Katsi

If you’re reading this and want to help out
here are some suggestions.

·       Daily
Food supplies (rice, beans, grains, pasta, salt, coffee, sugar, toilet paper,
cans, oil, and cookies)

·       Construction
material for the school. Alto Katsi 119 (800x616)

·        First
aid kits

·        School

·        Rubber
boots – all sizes


Donate Here to help the Alto Katsi Comunity

See Alto Katsi Pictures here

Please contact us toll-free at 1-800-832-9419 from
the US or Canada,  or internationally at +(506) 25-74-4412, or send us an email

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