Saint Francis of Assisi, Francisco de Asis in Spanish, is not the most famous of Catholic Church Saints, but he is one we all have to learn from. Indeed, Francisco de Asis used to place as equals, all the creatures of God. The interesting part to us is not about God’s Creation, but more about the equal aspect. What Francisco de Asis wanted for all of us was the unity, the harmony and a synergy CIMG3033between human beings and the whole of nature; and that is what Alvaro and his father Jaime want for all of us as well. From this comes the name Asis Project.


Asis Project is located near La Fortuna and the Arenal volcano, in Alajuela province of Costa Rica. When you are standing outside the front gate, waiting to enter, you think about an old factory or an illegal workshop. Once inside, it is just another world.


The office reminds you of a nice and cozy hotel office, the main building is very impressive and it is hiding a beautiful pond, full of ducks, herons, blue jays, fishes and even a caiman! If you hear like a buzzy noise, turn your head and you'll see dozens of hammerbirds flying around.

CIMG2834In addition to its amazing scene, humans and animals live in a perfect harmony in this Center. You will meet two adorable Kinkajous, Benjamin and Cindy, three funny monkeys, a lovely and smelly wild boar named Perla, parrots, parakeets, an impressive hawk and three hilarious and likeable baby raccoons, who are only 3 months old and are already smarter than any dog or cat.


This is the wildlife you are going to meet in Asis Project, where Alvaro, his father Jaime who is a professional veterinarian, Teniente, Mary and volunteers and students work every single day a year, helping animals and educating people. Because that what all this is about: Education.

This Wildlife Rescue Center exists because of people’s behavior, for example if they see a raccoon or a caiman in the backyard, they will try to kill it. This is just ignorance, you can find examples of even more cruelty.


Let me tell you a story: two days before leaving the Center, a MINAE car (governmental CIMG3042environment safety), brought us an animal they found on the road side, an owl. It was a beautiful white owl, with black patches around its yellow eyes. Very impressive in its way to stand and to look at you, it was clear that this owl, young but at least one year old, did not fall from a tree and had not been attacked but was abandoned. It was accustomed to human presence (even if you could barely touch it) and especially because it had its wing cut off. Yes, some people wanted to make it as a pet, and to be sure it would not fly away, cut its wing off. This owl won’t never fly again, and, without the help of the MINAE and Asis Project, it would have been dead a couple of hours after they abandoned it.


This story, which is one among dozens, is a proof of the importance of Asis Project, but it especially demonstrates a lack of humanity in some humans…Volunteering in the Wildlife Rescue Center means working hard, digging out for days to build a lagoon for example, or building new cages for new arrivals, because even if they are shut in, they still need a decent place to live, if you want have idea in video, clik here. Come and help us! This project is beautiful for any person who wants to be useful and humane, because these animals just need a hand from you.CIMG2900



Romain, Marketing Intern for Tropical Adventures.



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