Music Instructor needed

Hi there guys!

We just heard of a really generous family who just donated a couple of instruments to a little school in Heredia, Costa Rica. But since the school has never had a band before, and has no experience with teaching music, they are now looking for someone who is willing to volunteer a small portion of their time to provide instructions to the kids at this school, so they can learn how to play these instruments:

The instruments are the following:

  • 6 Snare Drums
  • 4 Bass or Tenor
  • 2 Timbales
  • 4 Sets of Cymbals
  • 2 Drums
  • 2 Trumpets

 This means that the band can consist of 20 kids.

The school would like to begin with the music classes after the holiday break. This will be sometime around the beginning of February. The dates are felxible.

The school is a small elementary school, located in San Miguel de San Jose de la Montana, Barva, Heredia.  It only consists of approximately 100 kids.

The family is willing to reimburse the travel expenses of this volunteer. They are also willing to offer accommodation in their guesthouse in case someone that doesn’t live in the area is willing to come out there and volunteer.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at or you can Email Erich or Wendy directly at


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