How to find Cheap Flights?

Even though many of our programs are really inexpensive and offer a great value for the money, we do find that many people aren't able to fly to Costa Rica -or any other country- due to extremely high ticket prices. Rising oil expenses, increasing staff costs and other costs have added to the rise of plane tickets thoughout the past few years. Since our organization is based in Costa Rica, it is our pleasure to help you finding the cheapest flight tickets to get here. Read on to learn the best ways to find yourself a plane ticket for a much lower price!

Be flexible with dates and times
What many people tend to do is first set themselves a date before looking at the flight rates. If you want to increase your chances of getting a cheaper flight, we suggest to first look at different dates. During the weekdays, you are much likely to book a cheap flight than when flying in the weekends. 

Make use of different search engines
There is no such thing as one very best flight search engine, as they all have different partner agreements with different airlines. Thus, it would be better to check out different search engines. A couple of those flight search engines are, and

Follow updates and social media posts about ticket prices
Often, airlines offer their followers, likers a
nd newsletter subscribers various discounts through (social) media. When following the airlines closely, you have a greater chance to find those discounts. Of course, you would only need to stay updated on the airlines that fly to destinations in that you are interested.

Subscribe to websites which have daily deals, discounts or/and do the bargain hunting for you
Luckily, there are various websites which already did some desk-research for you. A good example is They find very low (error) fares for the real budget travelers. If you know of other websites which have daily deals or look for discounts, share them with us!

Be flexible with destinations
Very important! Flying to a destination which is only 150 miles from your end destination can easily save a couple hundred dollars. If you have time, you could take a bus. Another option would be to look for another domestic flight from there to your final destination.

Make use of online auction deals
When people can't take a trip and did not have the right cancellation insurance, they often just try to get some money by offering their purchased tickets online. If you get lucky, you can get a great deal!

Frequent flyer miles
If you don't have one, you might want to register for a frequent flyer program. If you do have one, do not forget to make use of it!

Get Tropical Adventures involved
Tropical Adventures has many partners in the industry who can help you finding better rates. We would like to challenge you to use all above tips and find better rates than we do. If not, you might want to book your flight through us! For more information, send us an email.

With this blog entry, we are hoping to make traveling to other countries a little more accessible. Do you have more tips you would like to add to this list? Please share them below!


Written by Bram Voets, Marketing Intern


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  1. David Reply
    Hey Bram!! Thanks For sharing this information and many people still not believe in online ticket booking. So this will be help them a lot.

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