Major concerns in Costa Rica

Compared to its neighbouring countries, as well as in the eyes of many tourists and expats, Costa Rica is a very good place to live with not having to deal with lots of problems. There are, however, many concerns for the local people, which drive Tropical Adventures to keep doing what we are good at.

201202081046200.unimer-tnsIn a survey carried out by the Unimer Firm to over 1200 locals, there were three main concerns for the locals in Costa Rica: employment, insecurity and cost of living. Lesser primary concerns were corruption, the economy and poverty.

Let’s first take a look at employment. 21% of the respondents considered employment to be their highest concern. Tropical Adventures educates children through distance learning programs and local cross-cultural activities. Moreover, we teach English to adults and organize language interchange evenings to improve their English language skills. We carried out a survey among 50 locals in Costa Rica ourselves just this month, with the question of what drives people to study English. 41% of the respondents answered that a higher English level would help them in their current jobs, or help in finding a better job.

The second main concern is insecurity. 18% of the respondents considered insecurity to be their main problem. However, back in 2009, more than 40% of the people did regard this as their main problem. We hope this significant, positive drop, will persist.
People who are, or those who feel like they are inadequately guarded or protected, are likely to live a unblest life. As you might know, safety is already on the second stage on Maslow’s triangle which represents the hierarchy of needs. By organizing various cinema nights, education programs, craftwork activities, camps and other activities we give the children, youngsters and adults the possibility to do things with and learn about and from others.

Lastly, ranked third with 17%, the main concern for people in Costa Rica is the cost of living. Prices in Costa Rica are still raising and as 21% of the respondents perceived employment to be the main problem we could draw a connection here. We feel that, if we keep on continue to educate the people they are likely to find better jobs and thus be able to live a financially more comfortable life.

Tropical Adventures does the utmost to help to drop these percentages. However, for the majority of things we organize, we need volunteers to help us. Help us drop the rates and come volunteer with us! For more information, please check our volunteer programs or send an e-mail to

Written by Bram Voets, Marketing Intern
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  1. Andy Reply
    I think that every country really has its problems if you break it down enough. Granted, some problems are worse than others. I think that when done in a correct manner, volunteering can be a great way to give service back to the community.

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