Eco-Tourism: How to Make the Most of Your Trip to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the primary destinations for those looking to vacation in Latin America. Not only is the country a hotspot of economic and social growth, but Costa Rica hosts some of the richest flora and fauna of any country in world. With a trove of national parks and a huge amount of ecological diversity, the country is heaven for those fascinated by all aspects of the natural world. Not only are there amazing beaches and tourist resorts, but the Costa Rican tourism industry has seen a steady growth in interest in the natural wonders the country has to offer. Those visiting the variety of national parks have risen to 54% of all visitors to the country, and this figure continues to grow. Indeed, the country has recently been topping the list of the World’s Best Ethical Locations, thanks to their focus on the sustainability of their environment. But how can you better prepare and enjoy an eco-holiday to Costa Rica?

Careful Planning Pays Off

ButterflyWith so much to see in such a diverse country, taking the time to adequately plan ahead can be of tremendous value when it comes to maximizing your time. While some are content to sit by the pool (and Costa Rica’s various resorts can more than cater to these people), some are seeking a little something extra. For those spreading their wings and journeying out into one of the many national parks, planning ahead will ensure you can make the most of what the country has to offer. There are many ways in which you can develop a greater understanding of the options available to you. While old school maps can provide you with a thorough plan on how to reach all of your intended destinations, take a look at the variety of new school travel applications which can furnish you with a fantastic idea of what to do once you get there. For many, however, nothing canbeat the value of local knowledge. As well as planning your trip, be sure to ask questions of those who live locally, who have seen what the country has to offer. With such knowledge available via the internet, tourist board employees and hotel workers, you do not even have to go far to get a better understanding of the favorite local spots.

Knowing What to Look for

When you get to Costa Rica, and you have planned your journey and places of interest, an incredibly valuable and often overlooked aspect of discovering a new country is attaining a foundation for the knowledge you are about to require. With such a rich ecological environment, going straight to a national park with little idea of what might be inside could well be appealing. However, taking a little time to learn about the wonders the country has to offer before you even set foot on the soil means that you are likely to spend far less time squinting into the distance. With a solid understanding of what makes the country’s flora and fauna so fascinating, you are better able to appreciate all the tiny aspects of life in a thriving natural environment. For those unaware, it might be easy to walk past a Linnaeus butterfly, or to ignore the call of a Keel-billed Toucan, or difficult to even understand how a lizard is able to move so quickly. While the point of many adventure vacations is to learn more about a strange new world, giving yourself a little head start can do absolute wonders when it comes to getting the maximum possible enjoyment from your trip.


Leave No Trace

Costa Rica is a country teeming with natural life. With so much to see, it can be incredibly useful to plan ahead in order to ensure that you get the absolute most from your trip. With a plethora of tools available to those seeking to enhance their trip, as well as the knowledge of seasoned experts, it is simple enough to turn a good vacation into a great one. However, when it comes to such a thriving environment, it always serves to remember the importance of preserving the natural state of the wonderful national parks. With so much of the country under threat from deforestation and growing environmental concerns, be sure that your visit does nothing to blemish the wondrous ecological paradise.


Written by    Eve Pearce

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