6 Low Budget Costa Rican Adventures

Costa Rica has something for everyone on any budget.  Here are listed some of the amazing adventures that you can do on a low budget.

1. Costa Rica has tons of beaches: white sanded, black sanded, with great waves for surfers and easy ones for the swimmers.  For example the area of Manuel Antonio possesses world-class views and beaches.  For the people who would like to enjoy the natural surroundings and peaceful surrounding, the beaches of Carrillo, Nicoya Peninsula and Matapalo, Central Pacific are perfect destinations.  And what is the best part, they are both free!

Matapalo beach

2. Central parks in every town. Every little village, town and city has a central park where the locals can hangout. Usually there is also a large amount of restaurants surrounding the parks.  This could be a nice place to spend your afternoon while enjoying the local environment.

Central park in San Jose

3. Hanging bridges are definitely on the must-do list in Costa Rica.  These are the huge bridges across the rain forests that give you the opportunity to explore nature. The two most well-known ones are in Arenal and in Monteverde. They vary from an altitude of 1,148 feet (350 m) in Arsenal to 4,921 feet (1,500 m) in Monteverde. Since the trails are well marked you might want to  go alone without having to pay a guide.

Bridge in Monteverde

4. Ride a wave– warm water and year-round waves make Costa Rica a legendary surf destination.  Some of the so-called surf meccas are Tamarindo, Jaco, and Pavones.  In Guanacaste great waves are found at Witches Rock and Ollie’s Point. Beginning surfers will find beaches like Samara are a great, since they are small and safe.

Surfing in Costa Rica

5. Hiking Nature Reserves.  When doing it on your own you will have a great experience for a fraction of the cost that a guided tour would cost. This is one of the areas that might  not need guiding. A lot of information about different reserves can be found  here.

Gaia reserve in Costa Rica

6. Visiting the La Fortuna Waterfall is a great experience with an entrance fee of $8.  It is a perfect place to bring your swimming suit and have a swim in the chilly water bellow the waterfall. You could also enjoy a picnic along the rocky shoreline and choose between arriving on foot or by horse.

La fortuna waterfall 1

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