Camping in Costa Rica

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Last weekend our interns decided to go wild and do some camping beside the ocean nearby to Carillo beach. Camping is one of the great ways to travel Costa Rica – especially on budget.

blog 6There are lots of different locations for camping. You could camp outside national parks, private campsites, camp on beaches or on private property (usually for a small fee).  You should definitely always check with the locals and agree upon a price before setting up camp. Since space is often limited, you want to be sure that you have a reservation.

 Our camping site was a small, rocky beach surrounded by cliffs and it had one of the most amazing viewpoints to see the sunset and sunrise.

blog 5Nevertheless, before going for camping there are several things that you must bare in mind to have a great experience. Be sure to pack plenty of quick-dry clothing, a flashlight, sun hat, insect repellent, towels and a lightweight sleeping bag. Since the weather can be unpredictable try to find a spot that is in the shade and not too close to the water, since after sunset the tide comes in. In the rainforest, try to find a campsite that offers raised platforms in addition to covered areas. Being off the ground will help keep you dry and comfortable. If your plans include camping in the cloud forest or at high altitudes, take warm blankets since the temperature lowers significantly at night. And of course bring a good attitude with you!

Since there was no clean water nearby our campsite we took a bucket of water of approximately 10 liters with us so that we would have enough water for drinking and cooking. When cooking it is also important not to forget to seal everything before and after, otherwise all sorts of bugs might get in and eat your dinner before you have the chance to do that yourself.

Since this was the first time camping for all of us in Costa Rica we were super excited to experience this sort of an adventure. We cooked “salchichon” with tortillas for dinner, walked up to the viewpoint to enjoy the beautiful sunset and enjoyed a bonfire after it got dark. (Salchichon is a summer sausage similar to kielbasa.)


One of our local tico friends said: “Camping the Costa Rican way is all about getting creative.” And it really is – we had our mattress made out of dry leaves, cooked our dinner on a small camp stove and just enjoyed the peaceful isolation with this amazing scenery surrounding us. This amazing opportunity to sleep next to the lapping ocean waves surely did make us fall in love with Costa Rica even more.

 If you feel like this is something that you might enjoy as well and would like us to help you with a trip of your own, please feel free to contact us for more information and for a personalized itinerary!

Written by Kertu Tutt, marketing intern

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