Pura Vida: Waterfall Tour in Panama

Panama WaterfallAfter waking up in a beautiful indigenous house, eating a quick breakfast and getting ready, it was time for yet another adventure. Lightly packed with camera, flip flops and swimming shorts, we went on a 15 minute walk to start a beautiful trip in a dugout canoe. The boat tour itself was wonderful. As we made our way down the Tulire River and up the Yorkin River, we were surrounded by amazing and lush nature. The water in the river was not that deep as it is the dry season in Costa Rica at the moment. Sailing against the stream was quite a challenge. But luckily the driver of our boat was very experienced, and knew the river well. The engine worked hard and so did our guide who paddled hard to make it possible to start our tour. Forty minutes later we arrived in Panama.

While climbing up a little-used path through the beautiful nature, we all fell in love with Panama. Our first impressions were already so good and we still had yet to see the waterfall! To get to the waterfall we walked through the forest and through rivers. On our way down the path, our guide showed us one of the poisonous frogs who tried to hide from us. Fortunately we were able to take a good picture of the amazing creature.  

We were already overwhelmed by this amazing experience and then we arrived at the end of our trip; the beautiful waterfall. Although the water was not that warm and it was not even such a hot day, we swam for a long time there and enjoyed the pure nature. It is an amazing feeling to swim under a waterfall with the water cascading down on top of us. We took some amazing pictures, enjoyed the view and after a while left to go to our canoe again. The return trip was a lot easier as we could float with the stream of the mighty river.

We would like to thank our guide and boat driver who made this trip possible and would recommend this trip to everyone interested in enjoying the nature. At the moment we are looking for another adventure. Stay tuned!

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