Community Center Coordinator


Community Center Coordinator:

Tropical Adventures Foundation would like to expand their reach to assist residents of the town of Paraiso in the Province of Cartago, where our headquarters is locataed.

The Coordinator will help us to define the project and lead it to fulfillment. It’s an incredible opportunity to help us make a difference in the lives of many people in this rural area of Costa Rica.

The town of Paraiso is not much different than many other small, rural towns in Costa Rica. The list of problems includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Incredibly large percentage of students who do not complete elementary or high school.
  • High rate of alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Lack of activities available to residents.
  • Lack of resources to help people return to school, or to prepare for and search for a job.

It appears that there is interest on the part of the local Catholic Church to partner with us on the community center. There very well may be other organizations and individuals who would like to participate.

Ideally we would like to implement a variety of programs. Some ideas include:

  • Youth Program
  • Anti-violence Project
  • Student Training & Support
  • Job Training
  • After school and evening activities
  • Community Technology Center
  • Mental Health Services

If all goes as we expect, this model will be used as a template for opening community centers in other towns in Costa Rica.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Managing project development and execution from concept to reality.
  • Working with Executive Director (ED) for the culmination of project charter outlining goals, budget, timing, deliverables, project scope, and required resources.
  • Completing work breakdown structure for the estimation of efforts needed for each task.
  • Preparing and providing a project schedule to all participants to identify the commencement of their tasks.
  • Communicating clearly the expectations to project sponsors and team members.
  • Research and meet with possible partners.
  • Research possible funding sources.
  • Gather data to be used for marketing purposes, as well as photos. Then provide the data in a format that can be used on our website.
  • Resolving issues and solving problems throughout the project cycle.
  • Tracking and reporting project milestones and providing status reports to ED.
  • Leading, coaching, and motivating members of the community center team.
  • Determining the test results of project and completing project evaluations to determine the expected results.
  • Developing tools and applying best practices for the execution and project management.
  • Ensuring successful archive of project documents after the project completion.

Skills and Specifications

  • Must be able to speak Spanish.
  • Must be a good communicator.
  • Leadership qualities and excellent problem-solving ability.
  • Ability to work well with limited supervision.