Spiritual Psychology Principles

Our work is based upon the following Spiritual Psychology Principles:

      • The nature of the Universe and our natural human state is Love
      • All of life is for Learning and Loving
      • An ‘unresolved issue’ is anything that disturbs our peace
      • Unresolved issues are not bad, rather opportunities for spiritual growth
      • Though others may behave inappropriately toward us, we have the power to choose our response and to heal any disturbance within ourselves
      • While we are not responsible for the actions of others, we are completely responsible for our own experiences in life
      • Physical world reality exists for Spiritual growth
      • Spirit meets you at your point of action
      • Our beliefs determine our experiences
      • The more we cultivate a healthy inner world, the greater our capacity to manifest an outer world that reflects our own inner reality
      • The issue isn’t the issue: the real issue is how you are with yourself as you go through the issue
      • Healing is the application of Loving to the places inside that hurt
      • Every time an individual resolves a single issue, all of humanity moves forward in its evolution
      • Spiritual growth is a process, not an event
      • Direct Experience is how belief is turned into Knowing
      • Judgment is self-condemnation – Self-forgiveness is freedom
      • Human experiences on earth is our school – the primary goal is to accept and master the lessons from this school
      • A life filled with Acceptance is a life free of unnecessary emotional suffering

List adapted from the University of Santa Monica